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Dreaming of Our Claw Foot Tub.

I once confessed to John that I'd likely purchase a home based solely on the presence of a claw foot tub. Who's with me?
When he looked at me sideways and began spewing all the rational reasons people actually purchase homes, I glazed over, laughed off my silly confession and neatly folder my claw foot dream away.  Little did John know, over the years, I've secretly made hundreds of dreams into origami dove, like some patient-Buddha-folder, and now I'm letting them all free in Content. Poor John, yah me!

There's something nostalgic and sweet about a claw foot tub that makes even the simplest of bathrooms feel glamorous. I imagine myself after a long day of being awesome, in my beautiful claw foot tub (...relax this is a PG blog), hair up in a towel, quietly (no kids yet...) sipping a glass of rosé, penning my memoirs in a leather bound journal.
At least, that's what I thought my claw foot dream looked like until John reminded me that it was his bathroom too and…

Master Bedroom Renovation (Phase 1)

In an effort to sustain our home renovating energy and enthusiasm, (and not go instantly insane) we have been focusing on projects within Content that will immediately benefit John and I. For instance, completing the master bedroom and en suite bathroom. Like every floor plan we've encountered within this house, thus far, the layout of the master bedroom is challenging.

It's weird though, sometimes I forget just how absurd of a property Content. really is. So often, John and I are busy micro managing projects, making sure we're making forward progress, that the big picture of the house gets lost. It's only when a new visitor or contractor stops by that we're reminded just how different Content. actually is. Our favorite question, "What is this place?"

During a recent visit with our friends Veronica & Shawn, we pointed out that one of the two fireplaces (yes, two in the same room) located on opposing ends of the master bedroom would soon be conceale…