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Curb Appeal & Front Porch Renovation (Phase 1)

I have not mentioned my opinion about Content's curb appeal on the blog before (that I can recall anyway), but if you follow along on Instagram, chances are you may have noticed a general theme around the topic. Basically, I really, really, really dislike the front of our house. I won't go as far as to say "hate" because although I loath it, I know there's a ton of untapped potential.  Just currently, there is zero curb appeal.

And, its not just the front porch. There are a bunch of "issues". All of which make me turn my head the other way when we drive by, as not to remind myself that we are the black sheep of the neighborhood. 
Over the holidays, I even refused to hang a wreath out front. Christmas light, yeah right!
Some of the issues are things that we could never change. Like for instance, the awkward positioning of the house on the corner lot. It was likely placed in this fashion to maximize natural light, at all hours, and to face the river and m…