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DIY: Narcissus Holiday Hostess Gift

I've been relatively obsessed with the idea of forcing flowers, from bulbs, this winter season. The thought of incorporating fresh blooms inside, while everything outside looks bleak, just seems like a no-brainer. Funny though, I've never actually tried it.

So, I did some basic research and decided on Narcissus, or more commonly knows, Paperwhites. Other seasonal options include amaryllis, but I liked the idea of the Paperwhites' cluster of smaller, more delicate flowers.
After putting together a large arrangement of my own, I realized others would probably enjoy receiving these too! So, here's a quick, thrifty and pretty gift that any  hostess would be thrilled to receive.

DIY: Narcissus Holiday Hostess Gift

Narcissus bulbsGlass jarFloral rocks or stonesRibbonTag
Step 1:
Source Narcissus bulbs. If you are planning to make a few as gifts, like I did, a bulk order is typically the most economical. I found mine on Amazon, 10 for $17.95 (Prime).

Step 2:
Fill a gla…

Lowe's Holiday Makeover Recap - Vintage Christmas Remix by Eastcoast Creative

Hi folks! Just a quick round up of our Lowe's Holiday Makeover - Vintage Remix with Monica Mangin of Eastcoast Creative. Just yesterday, she posted the full coverage and all the amazing pics of Content. dressed up in its Christmas best on her blog!

Even better though, Monica shared all of the DIY projects, made with Lowe's products and used in the makeover. She's got so many innovative, easy projects that you can try. Definitely give it a look!

Aside from having a beautiful room to look at and enjoy this holiday season, it was a thrill to meet and hang with Monica and her BFF Jess Jackson all weekend. 
Watching them in full design motion was really entertaining, but one of my favorite moments was realizing I'd made the fatal mistake of following my normal Sunday routine of hitting up the flea market, but without them. The look on their faces was priceless. "Wait, you went to the flea market without us?" Ummmm.... 
Needless to say, we all (including John) got…