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Master Bathroom (Phase 2)

The master bathroom is 97.5 percent done. It is gorgeous and it's not even completed yet.

Remember where we started? Me either! The start of the master renovation seems like a lifetime ago! Check out Phase 1 for a refresher.

So, what are the missing bathroom links, you ask? The built-in cabinet door hardware and the sink vanity, plus decor items, but I consider that the fun stuff, not work. The windows also need to be scrapped of excess paint, but since that's on MY to-do list I'll quickly glaze over that task...

As with most of Content's design decisions, I hemmed and hawed for months over the master bath. This time around, the biggest hurdle was the vanity. I looked for inspiration, I consulted the internet, I dreamed, decided, undecided, and gave up for a bit. 
Initially, I was sold on a vintage porcelain console sink, like the one below:

But, aside from these sinks being super expensive, the dimensions on all the stock inventory was wrong for us. 
The space we hav…

Kitchen Renovation (Phase 4) ... How Many Phases Are There?

As you may know, John is a high school science teacher, so as of June 24th he's hit the ground running on lots of house projects. In addition to the kitchen updates I'm about to fill you in on, he's also (in less than a week!) worked on:
Trimming the new basement windows.Created a template for the stone fabricator to cut the master vanity counter top.Cut and constructed our 10 closet drawers. He's also making good on promises to help family and friends with their own projects. Oh, and doing odd jobs for Mrs. Lynch who he loves to work for. She's the best!
OK, so back at Content., the kitchen continues to ease forward like a herd of slow moving cows. Every step is calculated, but you seriously wish a cattle prod was more humane...
I'll admit it. I do take responsibility for dragging my feet on certain design decisions. Specifically, the kitchen sink. Which I shopped for, no joke, for 4 months. I repeatedly kicked myself for including a farm sink in our American W…