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History of Content. + Framebridge Collab : Part 3

Welcome back! Here's the final installment of the History of Content.

If you need to back up, make sure to check out the History of Content Part 1 + Part 2 first.

Truth be told there is so much more, detailed information about this story. Maybe I'll write a book one day. But in the meantime, here's Part 3.

History of Content. + Framebridge Collab : Part 2

The actual History of Content.:

In her lifetime, Lucy Wilson, the former owner of Content., had indeed filled the house, to the brim, with priceless antiques as well as mindless junk. In the end, she had developed dementia, was unable to live alone and was moved out of Content. for the remaining few years of her life.

History of Content + Framebridge Collab : Part 1

We're excited to kick off a 3-part series on the History of Content. There is SO MUCH to report, we're breaking it up a bit.

We're also excited to announce our collaboration with Framebridge, who will be assisting us in displaying some of our newly acquired, Content artifacts.

Front Porch (Phase 3)

We're in this for the long haul, guys! This porch project will consume about 100 hours of labor. No seriously, that's an actual estimation. So far, we are about half the way there.

But, this past weekend we made some serious progress, specifically in the form of balustrades.

A what? People, this is a learning environment. Balustrades are the entire handrail unit. (I just learned that, like 10 minutes before posting this). 

We took a minor step back to assess some of the historical photographs we received from Content's previous owners (Side note: Stay tuned for a FUN collaboration which will be part of a 3-post series on the historical information we now have!)
In the old pictures, you can distinctly see a large, center staircase on the porch. As we had planned, before seeing old photos, to bring this feature back, we were pleased to be on an accurate architectural path. 

The current set of stairs, which sits to the west side of the porch, are brick and will be permanent …