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Walk-In Closet (Phase 1)

Growing up I was always interested in organization. Closets, bins, notebooks, racks, lists, folders, you name it, if it served an organizational function, I thought I needed it. If 9 year old me would have known that the Container Store would be a "thing" in the future, little Courtney's head would likely have explored. I have since made a career of this insensate organization as an event planner for the past 7 years. John even likes to joke that he's never known anyone to enjoy paperwork as much as I do.

My interest in organization is most certainly an inherited trait passed down from my grandmothers. Both were master organizers! My paternal grandmother, Betty, kept meticulous notes on just about everything; birth dates, Sunday school classes, bills. She even labeled her shoe boxes with the date and occasion they were originally purchased and worn.

And my maternal grandmother, Elsie, was the wife of the city tax assessor and together they owned and operated a gene…

DIY: How to Strip Paint from 100 Year Old Doors & Brick

Ok, listen up. John gets the all the glory work, and I get the grunt work. There, I said it.

See, when John picks me up from my commute home from the city on Fridays, our conversation goes something like this:

Courtney: What can I help with this weekend? (super eager, bright eyed and bushy tailed)

John: Humm, well, I have a punch list of amazing, independent projects that will make me an Internet sensation and envy of followers everywhere, so you can move this pile of trash.

Courtney: Ohh, wow. OK..... (no longer eager, already thinking about dinner)

In all seriousness, John's home renovating talents far out weigh my abilities by leaps and bounds, and I fully acknowledge that! But, I pride myself on learning new skills, watching and handing him tools, being his general apprentice' while simultaneously increasing the feminine factor of our duo and managing a cleaning crew of (1): me. It sounds more pathetic than it actually is. Someone has to clean....

Aside from that though, …