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Best Friendsgiving Recipe (Hands Down): Corn Fritter Casserole

Our friends Veronica + Shawn are the hostesses with the mostesses when it comes to Friendsgiving.  In fact, 2016 will be their 4th Annual.
We love Friendgiving! Carving out (pun intended) time with friends, laughing, eating + simply enjoying each others company are the makings of the perfect evening.

The Buzz Behind Locally-Sourced, Salvaged Lumber

Take a quick look at an advertisement, and chances are you'll see a strategically placed buzzword like, "state-of-the-art", "craft", "limited edition", "artisinal or "small batch".

Basically, these words evoke exclusivity and, when effective, tap into some deep seeded need to feel or appear "in the know", so we are more inclined to buy.

These types of buzz words are different than, say "organic" or "fair trade" which (if being adhered to properly) follow an industry practice which is measurable and standardized.

DIY: How to Create Poured Concrete Vanity Tops and Shower Curbs

During the initial design stages of the guest bathrooms, we decided to use our master bathroom as an inspiration. We continue to be pleased with the master bathroom renovation, and knew that repeating the vanity and countertop design would bring continuity throughout the house.

However, we were looking to scale the cost of the vanity down a bit, and instead of using bluestone as the vanity top again, decided to use poured concrete.