LIFE AT CONTENT: Homemade Fig Preserves

I've never been much of a cook. But, even before we bought Content. I always imagined myself in a kitchen.  I love the idea of wearing a ruffle pipped apron and effortlessly flitting from fridge, to stove. Unfortunately, for John, I wasn't dreaming of producing elaborate steak dinners, kept warm for his grand entrance at the end of a hard day. Rather, I had my mind set on making pretty cakes, dozens of perfectly golden cookies and, for some strange reason, canning and jarring.

LIFE AT CONTENT: Summer Solstice 2017

The other night, a friend casually mentioned that summer was already half way over. What!? How dare you speak so cruelly in our home...

We couldn't disagree more! With Memorial Day marking the tourist kick off, June 21 is the official seasonal start of summer with the Solstice.
I thought the Solstice would be the perfect time to look back on the last month and a half of warmer weather here at Content. Because, let's be honest, this house was made for summer time!
Memorial Day
We kicked Memorial Day off renting the entire house to a group of awesome, Airbnb guests! The weather was iffy here at the Jersey Shore, but based on the wonderful review and feedback we received, we can tell they made the most of their visit.
Happy MDW! 🇺🇸The house is all set for our @airbnb guests. We love that sharing these walls is the next, fun chapter in its 130 year old history. . Wanna come for a visit? Click our profile link to learn more! A post shared by john and courtney achilli (@contentandco…

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE (Week 6 Reveal): Annex Guest Room Makeover

Drum roll please....... And without further adieu, I present, The Annex Guest Camp Room!
Now wait just a gosh darn minute. Did you really think I was going to make it that easy? Of course I'm going to drag you through a 6 Week recap of my blood, sweat and tears, before laying on all the beauty shots.

Blood, sweat and tears is actually a gross exaggeration. In fact,  I really enjoyed designing this space!

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE (Week Four & Five): Annex Guest Room Makeover

Warning: Real life talk here... We've been working really hard these past 6 months. Like, REALLY hard. Ever since leaving our full-time jobs, John + I have been on a mission to make owning a business (several, in fact) work for us. 

I fully realize we are not the first people to disconnect from corporate America, so we don't view ourselves as revolutionaries, but it IS all new to us. And with that newness, comes stress and discomfort. And with that stress and discomfort, comes illness. For me, in the form of shingles. Cool.
If you were wondering where your 4th installment of the Calling It Home and House Beautiful One Room Challenge was last week, I'd say, hope of it's publication evaporated somewhere between the doctor's office and an oatmeal bath.
But now, with health restored, we're back on track! And, lucky you... This week is a double whammy - Week 4 and 5 combo update.

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE (Week Three): Annex Guest Room Makeover

All right folks, we're halfway through the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge hosted by Calling It Home and House Beautiful. And I know what you're thinking... "Um, Courtney, there's no furniture in your room?"

Well, of course there's not, silly, because Week 3 is all about PAINT.

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE (Week Two): Annex Guest Room Makeover

Here at Content, Week Two of the One Room Challenge is in full swing! If you're just getting acquainted with the #oneroomchallenge, it's a 6-week event hosted by Calling It Home and House Beautiful where bloggers are tasked with the design, redesign or renovation of, get this, one room!

This is the 2nd installment of our Annex Guest Room Makeover update, and this week we're focused on PLANNING. If you need to back up, here's the post from Week 1.

FEATURE: Design*Sponge - Before & After: A Hotelier’s Century-Old Retreat

We are thrilled and humbled to have the renovation journey of Content. featured on Design*Sponge.

Click here to read all about the lore of this historic house, and view before + after images of the work we have done, so far!