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Reclaimed Brick Patio

What would provoke you to frantically call (not text or email) a friend or family member in the middle of the workday? An emergency, I imagine.

But, this particular midday conversations with John, back in March, went something like, "I found old bricks, for free, on Craigslist. They're really old. We need to go get them!" 
Ok.....  I didn't know we were in the market for "free, old bricks". 

Front Porch (Phase 4)

The front porch is nearly complete! Now that the weather has been cooperating, even just a little, we have been SO busy!

We are just about ready for the painters. Do you feel like I've been claiming that for 3-months already? It's probably because I have been... 

But seriously this time, all of the major renovation projects have been completed, and the painters are lined up.

Now, we just have to wait for the weather to cooperate, even more. Not only is painting in the blistering cold miserable its also not effective. Did you know paints have a temperature rating? Who knew.

It might be April, but until my weather app says it's over 50 degrees were out of luck. John's parents, in CT, just had snow last weekend...

But, like I said, we've been plenty busy regardless!

Here's the latest run down of completed front porch projects, best told through our Instagram account, to prove were nearly done.

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