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Christmas Came Early This Year

First of all, lets talk about the elusive Internet contest for a second. You see a contest with a prize you desire, participation is easy. You enter your name, a telephone number 1-digit off or use an email address from college (as not to get more spam than we already do) and hope for the best, right?

This time around, I actually gave a hoot, and it payed off. 
Back story here, Content. is more or less at a design standstill. John + I have owned the house for exactly 1-year (yah!) and have invested nearly all of our time and resources into bring this property back from the dead, literally. Many of the rooms remain untouched, which was the plan, so that's OK!
We knew that getting our living quarters in line first, so we could live comfortably, was the priority and then we would work on the other 75% of the house over time.
What we hadn't fully factored into the equation was furnishing our finished spaces. Yes, we knew we needed furniture. We had some great home wares from my br…