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President's Weekend 2016 Recap: Porch Update, Reinventing Our Etsy Shop + The West Wing

This was a great, long weekend! Historically, John + I would have been hauled up with friends in a rented, Poconos lake house for President's weekend.

But, money and priorities have been Content-based these last couple years, so we made the best of it, and had a few friends over for a Poconos inspired day complimented by fire side chats, flannel, day drinking, grilled cheese and, of course, board games.

Aside from the fun, John has continued to make awesome progress on the front porch. All of the patch work to the decking is complete, and the extra length has been trimmed. Its back to looking like a proper porch again! Hallelujah!

I spent all of 5 seconds standing outside, imagining the porch splendor (come Spring) when the weather is warm again. For a brief (chilly) moment, we stood imagining the railings complete, ceiling fans spinning lazily, a golden sunset dipping below the river, and cocktail in hand. Ahhh..... But, snapped back to reality, -2 degrees had me running for cov…

Jonas Recap: Our First Snowstorm at Content

Snow Storm Jonas which started on Friday, January 22, 2016 and extended through that weekend, was the first snow John + I have experienced while residing at Content. 

I think we went about preparing like most others; stocking up on hearty meals, snacks to enjoy during countless hours of movie watching, and a couple extra bottles of wine (just in case).
But, we also had some trepidation. The forecast was not only calling for a ton of snow and high winds, but with the full moon and high tides, flooding was expected. So, we also planned for loosing power.

Content has 10 fireplaces, but only 1 is safe to use. The rest are currently stuffed with insulation. Before the snow storm, we prepped for loosing power + stocked this fireplace with the wood we demoed from the front porch. Sadly, John's "Eagle Scout" training was in full effect, and he wouldn't let me burn any of it. Thanks to John, you won't be seeing any adorable photos of our feet, perfectly tangled in cozy so…