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About A Door

What is the longest amount of time that you have spent on a project?

I ask, because usually, I'm pretty goal oriented, and can estimate the length of time a particular project will take from concept to completion.

Well, not so much with this project...

Exactly one-million days ago (alright, maybe not quit that long), I began the process of stripping paint from two, old doors.

And They're Off... Refinancing + Reno : Phase 2

We've officially started the renovation of the west side of Content! I'm affectionately referring to this new phase as - "west side, guest side" because the majority of additional square footage, on the west side of the house, will be dedicated to welcoming others.

Memorial Day Weekend 2016 Recap: Work Hard - Play Hard (Enough)

After a long holiday weekend, I get back on the train to the city + feel completely defeated. With some dismay, I look at my lofty, preweekend written "to-do" list, and quickly remember all the things I'd dreamt of completing. Can you relate?