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LIFE AT CONTENT: Summer Solstice 2017

The other night, a friend casually mentioned that summer was already half way over. What!? How dare you speak so cruelly in our home...

We couldn't disagree more! With Memorial Day marking the tourist kick off, June 21 is the official seasonal start of summer with the Solstice.
I thought the Solstice would be the perfect time to look back on the last month and a half of warmer weather here at Content. Because, let's be honest, this house was made for summer time!
Memorial Day
We kicked Memorial Day off renting the entire house to a group of awesome, Airbnb guests! The weather was iffy here at the Jersey Shore, but based on the wonderful review and feedback we received, we can tell they made the most of their visit.
Happy MDW! 🇺🇸The house is all set for our @airbnb guests. We love that sharing these walls is the next, fun chapter in its 130 year old history. . Wanna come for a visit? Click our profile link to learn more! A post shared by john and courtney achilli (@contentandco…