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Kitchen Renovation (Phase 2)

Back in late December, I introduced you to our kitchen, which now can be referred to as the empty space, between the bedroom and dining room, with four walls and no identifiable kitchen-like features.

When first we spoke, the kitchen had undergone some pretty notable changes. We removed the existing cabinetry and dry wall ceiling, restructured the courtyard facing window and door openings, and added a support beam spanning the kitchen and dining room wall.

But since then, she's been nothing but a dirty tease, that trampy kitchen!

OK, maybe she's not a tramp, and I'll admit that I set myself up for this torture.

During the holiday shopping hub bub, John and I took advantage of some pretty awesome Black Friday deals. While you were out scouting the shelves for hot deals on Anna and Elsa paraphernalia, we were out signing away our future, first born in exchange for kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, stove and dishwasher.

Stupid, hyper excited me had them all delivered just aft…

How To Trim Two Windows as One

Hello everyone, it's John! I thought I would take over the blog for a "how to" post on one of my many projects at Content. I will apologize in advance since Courtney is a much better writer than I am, but maybe you'll learn something new or useful from me.

Woodworker note: Courtney edited this post, noting some of my technical terms were not exactly layman friendly (Not everyone is a woodworking sorcerer John!). You'll see these terms noted with an asterisk * and defined at the end of the post.

The project I am going to walk you through is a redo of the trim on the master bathroom windows. As you can see from the photo below, the trim isn't anything special....

There were a couple things that bothered me about the trim. One, the trim was just boring. Two, I hated the fact that the trim was at the same level as the drywall. Normally, trim around a window sticks out an inch or two, and does not sit flush with the surrounding wall. Unfortunately, after years …

Master Bathroom: Phase 1

Phew! This weekend has been a frenzy of projects, visits from friends, and lots of wine! We've been so busy these last few weeks that this post is actually a backtrack to catch you up on our progress. Along with the kitchen and master bedroom, we have been focusing on the master bath.

Originally, the bathroom was laid out to include a vanity, toilet, small prefabricated stall shower, huge jacuzzi tube (the tub itself was previously removed likely when the house sat vacant) and exterior door which lead to the workshop. Knowing we would not add back a jacuzzi tube (I know... how will we get back in time?), this open room was screaming to be reconfigured.

 Every room in Content. has an exterior, courtyard door. These courtyard doors pose several challenges, like efficiency and privacy, but in the master bath the layout suffered most. These doors also taken up precious wall space that isn't otherwise occupied by a window. John and I quickly decided that this exterior door was un…