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LIFE AT CONTENT: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

The Brussels sprout. Why do I always forget about the Brussels spout? It could be because their technically cabbage, and I really dislike cabbage (unless my Mom is making it for St. Patrick's Day).

But when I do manage to get some in my shopping cart, I'm instantly reminded how quick and easy they are to prepare.

RENOVATION: Oak Kitchen Countertop and Backsplash

This is a blast from the past post, which basically means: I wrote the post a LONG time ago, and for whatever reason, never pressed "publish" for your reading enjoyment. Anyway, I love our wood countertops, and felt like even though the project was completed long ago, the context was still on point for sharing. Enjoy!

For the last year (2016), we have continued to tackle 50 step, complex projects within Content. Somewhere in the spring though, rooms were more or less livable, and those lofty projects gave way to simply trying to finish at least 1 room in the house, 100%.

Funny as that sounds, I cannot with all certainty, claim that even one room in Content is completely done. I think this is the blessing and curse of a DIYer. You get to control the speed of your projects, but you also can procrastinate the hell out of them too.

Just the other day, John presented me with one of these to-do lists for the master bathroom and bedroom. Entitled "FINAL TO-DO" it had all…

RENOVATION REVEAL: South Street Kitchen

Happy Friday Everyone! Though we're always excited for the weekend, we are even more excited to share the reveal of the South Street kitchen renovation project with you!

RENOVATION REVEAL: Susan and Carl's Pink Tile Guest Bathroom

Not every renovation is a total overhaul. When walls are structurally sound, the plumbing works where it is and the layout is functional, sometimes all a space needs is a refresh. That was the case with our client, Susan and Carl's, guest bathroom.

Don't get me wrong. The before pictures are pretty rough, but the bones of this bathroom were great and just needed some TLC.

**UPDATE: This renovation is now featured on Apartment Therapy. Check out the full coverage here.

HOSTING: Blogging For Creative Entrepreneurs with Idalia Education

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of welcoming an amazing group of workshop attendees to Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs hosted by Alex Peterson of Idalia Education.