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RENOVATION REVEAL: Guest Room #2 Bathroom

Renovating any room of the house can be pretty annoying. Dust, construction debris, hazardous equipment. But the renovation of a bathroom quite literally messes with basic human needs, and that my friends is no fun...

John's sister Kristen is currently undergoing a bathroom renovation which has me excited to see her (my FIL Dave's) progress but nervous how even a minor setback could effect her. Knowing my father-in-law though, I'm certain they're right on schedule. Unlike Content. renovations that seem to have a mind of their own.

Nonetheless, the ensuite bathroom of guest room #2 is finished!

RENOVATION REVEAL: Nate's Room (Guest Room #2)

We still don't have official names for our guest rooms.

But, more often than not, guest room #2 is referred to as "Nate's Room" because our friend Nate is the first person to brave an air mattress overnight in there, way before we ever imagined rehabbing #westsideguestside.

UPDATE: You can now see this before + after renovation featured on Apartment Therapy!