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ROUND UP: Airbnb Super Host Must Haves

Believe it or not, we're rounding out Content's 2nd summer season, hosting guests on Airbnb!

We have learned a lot and from time-to-time receive questions from friends and followers about our  Hosting experience. Seems like more and more people are considering opening up their homes, which is awesome to see this amazing community grow!

We thought we'd share our favorite, tried & true, MUST HAVE products for successful hosting. You can also review our full list of Airbnb Super Host Must Haves here.

Quality/Moderately Priced Mattress Pad

Now that you've decided on a great mattress, be sure to protect your investment with a quality mattress pad. Our suggestion: Look in the $30-$40 range which will ensure comfort, but wont break the bank when (it will happen!) you have to get a replacement.

One-Cup Coffee/Tea Maker

There's nothing better than waking up to freshly brewed coffee. Even if you're not prepared to serve meals, guests always appreciated getting their day started with a warm beverage.

Don't forget a great selection of K-cups, like this variety pack that includes coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Water Filter

Whether you provide kitchen access or not, proving access to drinking water is a must! I love offering filtered water to guests and this sleek, 18 cup Brita would look great on any counter or in-room setup.

I also like to provide guests with real glassware. We find that a stemless wine glass is perfect for water or for guests who treat themselves during their visit with you.

Flat Sheets

When we first started Hosting, one of the best decisions we made was to ditch the traditional, matching sheet set. We opted to buy flat sheets in bulk. For our queen sized beds, we purchased king sized flat sheets which we use as a bottom sheet (laid sideways). No more fussing with elastic corners.

Black Wash Clothes

In addition to providing our guests with white bath towels, we encourage guests to use these dark/black wash clothes for makeup removal as well as providing facial wipes.

This small step is our biggest cost savings!


Noise is an unavoidable part of a shared home experience. We provide our guests with noise canceling earplugs in an attempt to keep the peace and though we can't guarantee a silent retreat, these are great a filtering out some distractions for a more restful night.

Check out the whole Airbnb Host Must Have list here, and share your favorite below!